MP3 2 Ogg Lab 2004

MP3 2 Ogg Lab 2004

A free converter to transform source MP3 files into the popular Ogg format
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MP3 2 Ogg Lab is a free and plain media converter whose main goal is really simple - convert MP3 source files into the also popular Ogg format in an easy and fast way. With this practical tool you can convert individual MP3 files, groups of them, or even batch-convert entire directories, optionally including their subdirectories.

The program's interface is very friendly, intuitive and easy to use. When you manually add your source files, it automatically recognizes and shows each track's duration. However, it also provides an "MP3 Info" button that allows you to see detailed information about a specific selected file, such as the MPEG version, the layer, the bit- and sampling rates, and all the ID3 tag information. By the way, it is very important to note that when converting to Ogg, all the original information contained in the ID3 tags can be copied to the destination files.

Additional command buttons present in the program's main interface allow you to "add" one or more MP3 files, "delete" a selected source file, and "clear" the list, removing all the present files at once. From here, you can also access the "Options" and the "Batch" windows. With the former, you can choose whether to automatically or manually set the target Ogg quality, to transfer the ID3 tag information to the target Ogg files, and to create these in the same directory as the source MP3s or in a different one.

On the other hand, the "Batch" window allows you to select an entire directory and whether to include its subdirectories as part of the batch conversion process. When you have it all set up, you can perform the conversion with just one click. The process is very clean and fast - this is really a great converter.

Ricardo Soria
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